Monday, October 26, 2009


The serious action starts tomorrow. Today so far has been for getting over jetlag (yuck) and seeing the city. Very nice place. Absolutely grim earlier this morning - cold, wet, dark, miserable. But it cleared up mid morning and I went out for a walk. I like the city scape very much. It's a kind of blended jumble. Many of the buildings seem to have been fitted in with no reference to other buildings around them, or at best only one of the other buildings around them, but it all works very nicely. Very difficult to get pictures of because there's always something in the way, usually trees or tram cables.

All those are a triumph of cropping with minimal tools.

All I've seen so far is beautifully flat, but there are mountains beyond.

The Sun Yat Sen classical Chinese garden in Chinatown.

Art gallery, advertising an exhibition, but it's not open. The steps are clearly useful though.

I can confidently say this is the best crepe maker in Vancouver.

And finally this shows what a tiny cog I am in a massive machine.

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